About Coyote Tales

Christopher “Jesse” Kohut has been in the business of hand-crafting his sterling silver and 14kt gold jewelry designs since 1990. His work has been featured in a number of national publications over the years and he is well-known nationally as a Pagan artist and craftsman. Jesse specializes in hand woven Pentagrams and stylized Goddess shapes, and his designs are an expression of his spirituality and magickal practice. Welcome to the world of the Symbol Maker Coyote’s “Tales of Creation” are shared through designs and symbols of wholeness that personify the teachings of the Ancestors, as they apply within the growing consciousness of the world today.Human blending with Spirit, revealing the Mysteries of Life.We handcraft our designs from Sterling Silver(.925 international mark)and 14kt. Gold, using the finest semi-precious gemstones and minerals available.